Monday, June 17, 2013

The Best Over the Counter Menopause Supplements

Dealing with menopause can be very frustrating. It is not an easy situation for most women to reach the menopausal age. From the start of puberty of a female, her ovarian function is already working. For years and decades, it will continue its cycle and will reach its end during menopause. It is the time when menstruation will stop. This is very normal and happens to every woman during their old age. It starts around their 50 years of age.

Some women deal with menopause naturally without any related signs of symptoms. But in most cases, they feel a drastic change both in their body and personality. In most cases, they will feel irritated, start having depression, anxiety, hot flushes, cold sweats and many other symptoms. Of course, no one wants to suffer from any of those symptoms. The good news is that there are supplements that we can take that will help ease the signs of menopause.

Here are the best over the counter menopause supplements:

Natrol Menopause Formula - this is one of the best over the counter menopause supplements. This formula has a high amount of calcium, and is hormone free. It also has effective natural ingredients like soy and black cohosh which is known to reduce menopause symptoms. You can easily purchase this from drug stores or even online. Three times a day of Natrol is all you need to ease out menopausal symptoms.

Promensil - this supplement is known to be a very efficient for women to help maintain their healthy disposition. Menopausal symptoms are actually just psychological and emotional problems due to the drastic change in their hormonal state. The Promensil eases these conditions so that women can still enjoy their life even though they are aging.

Black Cohosh - experts say that the root of the black cohosh helps in the reduction of hot flashes that is related with menopause. It plays a very positive role in treating the hormonal imbalance.

Flaxseed - supplements that contain flaxseed is said to help ease the mild menopausal symptoms like night sweats.

Calcium - bone problems are very common when women reach their paused ovarian cycle. That is why a high amount of calcium supplement is needed in order to maintain the strength of the bones. 50 to 1000 ml of calcium a day will do the in preventing bone problems.

Vitamin D - we actually get this from the sun although there are still foods and supplements that contains high amount of vitamin D. We need this vitamin in order to help maintain the strength of the bones just like the calcium.

Those are the best over the counter menopause supplements, and we can get them at any drug stores. Just make sure that their ingredients contain what is mentioned above because they are very good for treating menopause symptoms.

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  1. Over the counter herbal supplements for menopausecan prove to be a great thing. But always opt for the natural and herbal ones. They are not addictive.